How To Find A Good Windows Replacement Company

Looking to replace some windows in Manitoba, but you don’t know where to start? Old windows are drafty, scratched and in need of maintenance? Well, you are in luck, I woke up this morning feeling like writing a blog post exactly on that topic.

Recently a young couple that I know went through some horrific experience when changing their home windows. This prompted me to remember the process I used when I was going through the same phase. And so, I decided to give a few tips on how to find a reputable window and door company in Manitoba.

Online Reviews


The easiest and usually the first step that most of us do is to search for a business online. However, don’t just click on the first link and submit a request for a quote right away. First, do some due diligence on the windows installation company.

There are two main websites for proven home improvement reviews. One is Homestars and the other one is N49. Instead of searching on Google for a local company, head over to one of those two websites, enter your postal code and do a custom search.

The good thing about those two review websites is that they do not approve just any review. Reviewers must be legitimate customers of the company they are leaving a review for. Homestars, for example, verifies that by requesting the reviewer to submit a scanned copy of their contract. This is not done every time, it would take a lot of men power, but it is done often enough for companies to fear submitting fake reviews.

Both N49 and Homestars flag fake reviews or un-confirmed reviews and leave them on the company’s profile for about a month. They also make sure that those reviews stay on top of all other reviews, so customers can see this right away.

What Are People Saying

When you are reading the reviews, look for similarities. For example, if you find that every single review refers to the same installation rep, or the same sales rep, while the company claims to have 20 sales reps and 20 installation teams, this is a problem. It is more likely that different customers have dealt with different reps within the company.

You can also try and cross-reference reviews between N49 and Homestars. It is quite unlikely that the same people will take the time to write reviews on two websites. They must really like the company, or have some sort of vested interest in it.

Number of Reviews

Quantity and quality in this case matter. Because of the scrutiny process of online review websites, fake reviews hardly ever go unnoticed. For this reason, a lot of positive reviews is often considered a good sign. There are always sceptics who will say that quantity does not matter. But I would take a company with 1000 positive reviews over a company with 10 any day.

It is also important to compare the amount of reviews with the age of the company. I would not even request a quote from a company that has been in business for less than 5 years. The reason is that most small business close their doors after 5 years – statistics Canada.

Company that has been in business for 6 years, and has 100 positive reviews, realistically has 1.3 reviews per month. That is quite the low number. Unless the company finishes 4-5 jobs a month. But then, this will not be very sustainable business, and I would not recommend you go with such a company.

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